Established in London in 2016, ROCKET SCIENCE is globally recognized as one of the preeminent international film & tv studios. Within five years, ROCKET SCIENCE has developed, packaged, produced, distributed and sold over two dozen critically acclaimed and commercially successful films.

By employing its deep talent and producer relationships, ROCKET SCIENCE has consistently delivered exceptional film and television packages to the international marketplace for modern audiences.  Proven taste and a progressive approach ensure that ROCKET SCIENCE's diverse range of compelling content remains best in class.

Our acumen, flexibility, and sound market knowledge has allowed for rapid expansion into a dynamic distribution landscape, which includes partnering with platforms, studios, independent distributors and channels worldwide.  On the back of four years of rapid growth, ROCKET SCIENCE is presently expanding aggressively into territorial content creation and substantially increasing its development and production footprint in the upcoming year.

ROCKET SCIENCE's multidisciplinary services include development, packaging, financing, producing, marketing, distributing and sales across all media platforms.   Through our films we've been privileged to work with a dazzling array of filmmaking talent.